SDS Lynx 12 ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun


The Lynx 12 is the next evolution in 12 Gauge Kalashnikov-styled shotguns.

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The LH-12 is an imported semi-automatic shotgun designed by SDS Imports.
The Lynx 12 is the next evolution in 12 Gauge Kalashnikov-styled shotguns. This shotgun is similar to the Russian IZ 109 AK shotgun in design but offers many more shooter-friendly features. The Lynx 12 interchanges with most Saiga parts like stick mags, handguards & muzzle devices. You can easily upgrade the rear stock to a Tactical setup if you desire.

Hammer forged bolt for increased strength and long life.
Any Saiga 12 style magazine is compatible.
Chrome lined 19” barrel, 3” chamber.
Left side scope rail for quick attach/detach scope mounts
Standard Right side charging handle
Bolt hold open button
Rear V with a bead front sight
Any aftermarket AK pistol grip will fit. Most AK standard stocks with fit without modification (922r applies)
AK Safety
Standard AK triggers fit with only slight modification to the hammer.
Barrel threaded for Saiga-style compensators.
The front forearm can be replaced with Saiga rails and aftermarket forearms.
Four-position gas system. Off, Low, Medium, and High.
Comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty for defects and workmanship.

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