Cross Hairs Indoor Shooting Range was founded by Betsy Delozier, an avid gun enthusiast with a passion for responsible gun ownership. In 2017, she realized her vision of an indoor shooting range where everyone – women, men, novice shooters and experienced pros – could feel comfortable and welcome. Cross Hairs is the only indoor live-fire shooting range in the area, and offers two state-of-the-art shooting options:

Our Live Fire Range features six 75-foot lanes in a climate-controlled setting, and can accommodate any caliber under 50 BMG.  No green tip, steel core or armor-piercing rounds allowed!

The unique MILO (“Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives”) Range features two 25-foot lanes and can accommodate lasers or live fire (up to .357 Magnum – fps limits also apply). 

Our NRA Certified Instructors offer monthly training options, such as the NRA Basic Pistol Course (Ladies Only and Co-Ed classes available), WV Concealed Handgun License Course, MD Handgun Qualification Course, Maryland Wear & Carry Course, and more.  Private classes and one-on-one private instruction also available.

No matter your age or experience level, we’ll provide you with a place to hone your skills in a completely safe, clean and fun environment! 

Meet The Cross Hairs Team

Betsy Delozier

NRA Certified Instructor
Chief Range Safety Officer

Becky Corbett

Office Manager

Chris Bauer

Range Manager

NRA Certified Instructor & Range Safety Officer