Course Overview: Gathering an understanding of basic knowledge, skills, and an attitude to protect yourself.  Learn the common weaknesses that criminals take advantage of and learn practical, inexpensive and easy corrective measures to use against them. Costs: $60 per person Course Length: 4 Hours Pre-requisites: None Class time is from 6 pm till 10 pm Course […]

Course Overview: For those who qualify under Maryland’s “Good and Substantial” rational. Includes understanding of carry procedures, legality issues/use of force. Does not include required LiveScan Fingerprinting. Costs: $150 per person Course Length: 16 Hours (initial) or 8 Hours (renewal) Time: 8 am – 4 pm Pre-requisites: None Course Topics: Classroom Instruction: Handgun nomenclature and operation Handgun […]

Course Overview: To develop a basic understanding of the concept of self defense Costs: $130 per person Course Length: 5 Hours from 8 am to 1 pm Pre-requisites: none Course Topics: Classroom Instruction:  Use of firearm as a tool for self defense Developing a personal and home protection plan Self defense Fire Arm Basics Practical Application: Practice and […]

Course Overview: For those wishing to obtain a concealed carry permit as a  legal resident of West Virginia.  Although not mandatory to carry in the State of West Virginia it will qualify a person to be exempt from back ground checks when transferring hand guns and long rifles in the State.  It will also act as […]