AR-15 Build Classes – Pick Your Caliber!

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Build your own AR-15 pistol or rifle from provided kit! Your choice of caliber — choose from 5.56, .223 Wylde, 300 Blackout, 9mm or 7.62×39.
Instructor-led and small class to ensure plenty of hands-on guidance.

This helps us ensure we have your desired caliber in stock.


Course Overview:


Bring a date or just yourself for this AR-15 build. All participants may choose from a basic AR-15 pistol or rifle kit. Choose your caliber from 5.56, .223 Wylde, 300 Blackout, 9mm or 7.62×39.  You will learn to build, customize, troubleshoot and test fire your rifle or pistol build in our range upon completion. Students may opt to upgrade parts the day of the class. Custom engraving and Cerakoting is also available.  Class size limited to 4 participants to ensure plenty of hands-on instruction.

Cost:  $599 per person

Course Length:  2-3 Hours

Prerequisites:  Participants must be legally able to take possession of the firearm. A Federal Form 4473 and background check* will be conducted for each student before taking it home. *Not applicable for Concealed Carry Permit holders.

Class time:  2pm-5pm

Course Description:

Classroom Instruction

    • Introduction to the AR-15 Platform
    • Basic assembly of lower receiver
    • Basic assembly of upper receiver
    • Range Safety briefing
    • Trouble shooting
    • Stoppages and malfunctions

Live Fire and Testing of Firearm


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