ONLINE Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Course

Recorded video contains classroom portion of training  required by State of Maryland for first-time handgun purchasers.

Live Fire Certification must be completed separately.

Offered by Cross Hairs Training Academy via



Course Overview:

This Cross Hairs video course, offered via, contains all the classroom components as required by the State of Maryland for new purchasers of handguns.

Students can purchase the video and watch whenever convenient for them.  The Live Fire certification must be completed separately – either at Cross Hairs for an additional $25.00 fee (includes range time, range safety officer, rental pistol, ammo, eye/ear protection and target) or at the range of your choice that has a Maryland Qualified Handgun Instructor on staff.

Cost: $50 per person

Course Length: 2 Hours

Prerequisites:  None

Course Description:

Classroom Instruction

  1. Handgun nomenclature and operation
  2. Handgun action types
  3. Rules for safe firearm handling and use
  4. Introduction of MD firearms laws
  5. Fundamentals of handgun shooting
  6. Selection/Maintenance/Storage of a handgun
  7. Home Safety
  8. Application process

Course materials include:

  • a step-by-step guide for the application process
  • links to listings of all Maryland-approved fingerprint locations
  • link to all Maryland Qualified Handgun Instructors (for live fire certification)
  • Live Fire Certification Sheet


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