Maryland Wear & Carry Permit Training – FULL 2-DAY COURSE

From: $175.00

Two-day training course as required by Maryland for those who wish to obtain a MD Wear and Carry Permit.

WEEKEND CLASSES WILL HAVE A LIVESCAN FINGERPRINT PROVIDER ON-SITE.  (Additional fee applies – approx. $55.00, payable by cash or debit/credit.)


WEEKEND CLASSES WILL HAVE AN ON-SITE LIVESCAN FINGERPRINT PROVIDER. (Additional fee applies, payable by cash or credit/debit card.)

If an advertised date is not showing on the calendar, that indicates that the class is full.  If you wish, please call the range to be put on a cancellation list.

Course Overview:

Provides training as required by the State of Maryland for those wishing to apply for their initial Wear & Carry Permit.  Full Course Description below.  NOTE:  As part of the application process, applicants must also get fingerprinted at a Maryland LiveScan location.  It is recommended that you complete this prior to attending the course, but no more than 30 days prior to completing your application.  The application fee that you pay to Maryland (separate charge paid as part of the online application process) includes the criminal background check that they perform on all applications.  We are happy to assist students with submitting their online application and uploading the required documentation.  We can also take the required passport photo for you.

Cost: $175.00

Course Length: 16 Hours (Initial Applicants)


Weekday Classes:
Day 1:  9:00am-5:00pm
Day 2:  10:00am-6:00pm

Weekend Classes:
9:00-5:00pm each day

Prerequisites/Requirements:  None

On Day 2, students should bring their own firearm, if they have one.  Otherwise, use of a .22 cal. pistol will be provided.  Also for Day 2, please avoid wearing loose-fitting tops and sandals.

Course Description:

Day 1:  Classroom Instruction

      1.  Rules for Safe Firearm Handling and Use
      2.  Home Safety and Storage
      3.  Handgun Nomenclature and Operation
      4.  Handgun Action Types
      5.  Ammunition
      6.  MD Firearms Law
      7.  Application Requirements and Process
      8.  Selection/Maintenance/Storage of a Handgun
Day 2:  Continued Classroom Instruction and Live Fire Training/Qualification

  1. Shooting Fundamentals
  2. Use of lethal force
  3. “Tactical Mindset” and Situational Awareness
  4. Dry and Live-Fire Training:  Students will learn how to react in a variety of real-life situations, as well as identifying cover and concealment, firing from cover, firing from holstered position and other defensive pistol skills.
  5. Live Fire Certification

Use of range facilities and .22 cal. handgun, ammo and target included.  Students may use their own firearm if they wish – if other than .22 caliber, ammo not included and must be purchased from range to meet insurance requirements.

Students must:

  1. Meet procedural safety requirements
  2. Demonstrate marksmanship skill (5 rounds at 3, 5, 7 and 15 yards – 70% accuracy rating to qualify.)


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