Maryland Wear & Carry Permit Course

From: $350.00

Two-day course as required by Maryland for those who qualify under the State’s “Good and Substantial” rationale to carry a firearm.


Course Overview:

For those who qualify under Maryland’s “Good and Substantial” rationale to carry a firearm.  Includes understanding of carry procedures and legality issues/use of force. Does not include required LiveScan Fingerprinting.

Cost: $350

Course Length: 16 Hours (Initial Applicants) or 8 Hours (Renewal)

Time: 9:00am – 5:00 pm  each day

Prerequisites:  None

Course Description:

Classroom Instruction

  1.  Handgun nomenclature and operation
  2.  Handgun action types
  3.  Rules for safe firearm handling and use
  4.  Fundamentals of handgun shooting
  5.  Introduction to MD firearms laws
  6.  Use of lethal force
  7.  “Tactical Mindset”
  8.  Selection/Maintenance/Storage of a handgun
  9.  Home safety
  10.  Interactions with law enforcement
  11.  Application requirements and process

Live Fire Component

Handgun, ammo and target included.  Students must:

  1. Meet procedural safety requirements
  2. Demonstrate marksmanship skill (25 rounds with 70% accuracy rating to qualify)


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