Maryland Wear & Carry Permit Training – RENEWAL ONLY

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ON SALE!  Normally $175!

Two-day training course as required by Maryland for those who wish to obtain a MD Wear and Carry Permit.


Course Overview:

Provides training as required by the State of Maryland for those renewing their Wear & Carry Permit.  Full Course Description below.  

Cost: $175

Course Length: 8 Hours

Time: 9:00am – 5:00 pm

Prerequisites/Requirements:  Students must have a valid Wear & Carry Permit.

Students should bring a holster and their own firearm.  Otherwise, use of a .22 cal. pistol and a Sticky Holster will be provided (please wear a belt or pants with a sturdy, somewhat tight waistband).

Course Description:

Classroom Instruction and Live Fire Training/Qualification

  1. Overview of MD firearms laws
  2. Use of lethal force
  3. “Tactical Mindset” and Situational Awareness
  4. Application requirements and process
  5. Dry and Live-Fire Training:
Students will learn how to react in a variety of real-life situations, as well as identifying cover and concealment, firing from cover, firing from a holstered position and other defensive pistol skills.

Use of range facilities and .22 cal. handgun, ammo and target included.  Students may use their own firearm if they wish – if other than .22 caliber, ammo not included and must be purchased from range to meet insurance requirements.

Students must:

  1. Meet procedural safety requirements
  2. Demonstrate marksmanship skill (a total of 25 rounds at 3, 5, 10 and 15 yards with 70% accuracy rating to pass Live Fire Certification.)


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